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Another note

Another note

I am getting a lot of new members here, which is pushing up my fees for running this blog/newsletter. This started as a hobby, but it's turning into an expensive one. So I am considering a few options:

First, I can move to Substack, which has a different business model. However, I am a bit reticent about that, given Substack's weird relationship with authors who have some pretty atrocious views. I also like Ghost's open-source, pay-to-play model. I think it's more honest about how capitalism works.

Second, I can apply a banner to get people to pay whatever they want.

Third, I can take the plunge and try to do some version of a paid website. If I do, I think I will have to offer something a bit more systemic, so I might do a series of reading one of my favorite popular economics books – Trade Wars are Class Wars – through a formal theoretical lens of post-Keynesian/surplus approach economics.

Another idea I have is to do an online writeup of my precious to me "Emerging Markets Course."

However, I am having a baby in a few weeks, have a day job, and have to publish as an academic at night. My book is in the final stretch (Harvard University Press willing), so I am a bit umm busy (or I need a bit more of my ADHD meds). So members will have a lot of waiting to do.

I am pretty indecisive about things like this, so I am going to do a poll and hope the wisdom of the crowds helps me out:

Meanwhile, I have some ideas for posts I'll be writing, the first of which will be about Ken Jowitt and why you should be reading him instead of Fukuyama for your end-of-history needs.

As usual, this post comes with cats.